Call Andrey at 347-607-1050 or email 1eventeats@gmail.com with any issues. We are very eager to ensure that every order is taken care of properly, with our customer’s full satisfaction. If you are unhappy for any reason, let us know so we can make it right!

All sales are final. That said, if something breaks during shipment, we are happy to replace it at not cost to you.

While damage during shipment is very rare, it does happen unfortunately. We take extra special care to wrap every single order to protect it, however USPS ships thousands of packages every single day and they do their best to get shipments out as quickly as possible. Therefore, sometimes packages get handled more roughly than they should. If any item arrives damaged, please let us know. We will only ask that you send us a few pictures so that we can take those pictures to the post office. We will ship you replacement products for whatever was damaged so that there is minimal in-between time between receiving the initial order and receiving the replacement product(s).

If the order sent to you is incorrect, we will absolutely make sure you receive everything that you bought. If you happen to receive other products by accident, enjoy them on us! All purchases made through our website with a credit card are privacy protected.

As a small business, we are grateful for your support. When you make a purchase from a small business, such as ours, you help keep a child in music lessons, gifts under the tree and food in their bellies! When you make a purchase from a small business, verses a large corporation, you keep money flowing into the pockets that need it most! We thank you wholeheartedly.